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A thleticus is an innovative company that simplifies the way everyday athletes manage their health and optimize athletic performance. We’re on a mission to empower athletes to proactively manage their health and improve athletic performance with the support of qualified health professionals.

We’re actively pursuing a talented, ambitious Marketing Growth Hacker and CTO/ VP of Engineering to join our founding team.

This is an early stage startup with significant potential and an opportunity to become a co-founder. We’re looking for at least 10 hours a week dedicated to Athleticus, until we can offer full-time pay. (An equity % can be expected and will be determined based on performance and time commitment).


  • Passion for an active, healthy lifestyle
  • A competitive mindset & team oriented
  • Strong desire to make something awesome, think different & empower others

Our app has been designed and our Beta is expected to be ready by early Fall 2019. We’re just getting started and excited about what is coming next.  Interested, reach out to ryan@athleticus.io or click below:

Marketing Growth Hacker

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CTO/ VP of Engineering

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Boston, MA

E: ryan@athleticus.io 


E: press@athleticus.io