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Athleticus Press Inquiries

Video built for the everyday athlete and health coach

About Us

At Athleticus, we’re everyday athletes based in Boston working with athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and other health coaches that share our passion for simplifying health and athletic performance.

Our mobile app provides a unique video experience built specifically for the active lifestyle. Our product provides health coaches and their clients with a more engaging way to interact virtually from anywhere.

Fast Facts

Boston, MA
Founding Team:
Ryan Fleming, Greg Jordan, Colin Reno, Nathan Kotler
Media Contact:
Ryan Fleming, press@athleticus.io
Main Social:
Instagram: @athleticusapp

Logo and Brand Assets

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Athleticus Logo

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Athleticus Icon

Athleticus Icon
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Brand Imagery for Athleticus

We really appreciate your interest in Athleticus. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, just simply email: press@athleticus.io. We respond to every message.

Recently Featured

Athleticus Co-founders Colin Reno and Ryan Fleming joined the For the Love of Sports podcast hosted by Michael Rasile for a live streamed episode. You can catch it below.


Boston, MA

E: ryan@athleticus.io 


E: press@athleticus.io